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Family Birth Center

At SAMC, we believe birth is a celebration of life and a supportive environment for every childbirth experience is essential. That’s why SAMC’s Family Birth Center provides family-centered healthcare to expectant mothers and their babies during normal, as well as high-risk, pregnancies and births. Our Family Birth Center offers:

  • Inviting labor/delivery suites that provide a calming, home-like atmosphere and feature spacious bathrooms with a tub and shower.
  • Comfortable places for dads, including recliners for catching quick naps.
  • Private birthing suites include a refrigerator, TV and DVD player.
  • Well- and special-care nurseries.
  • The Women’s Center Boutique, which provides breast-feeding supplies and other resources.
  • Accommodations for Couplet Care, where babies remain in the room with their mothers. Couplet Care enhances bonding between baby and mom, and helps dad learn about infant care and support.
Family and friends want to share your joy by getting a peek at the new baby. Click here to view our secure Web Nursery.
Couplet care is based on the belief that babies should remain with their mothers after birth. In the past, babies were delivered, and then moved to a separate nursery. Couplet care places newborns in the same room with their mothers until both go home. A single nurse attends to the needs of both mom and baby.

Couplet care has proven to be more effective in providing better care for new moms and their babies. It also enhances bonding time for mom, dad and their baby. SAMC nurses are professionally trained to provide couplet care.

While the participation of a father or partner in the actual birth has become routine, couplet care at SAMC also allows them to be present for the duration of mother’s and baby’s stay at the hospital. During this time, they learn how their help and participation is important to the care of the newborn – and the new mom. Many first-time fathers find that learning how they can help while mother and baby are still in the hospital increases their comfort level when they go home.

Couplet care rooms include extra sleeping accommodations for dads or partners, and there are no limitations on how long or how often fathers visit. Couplet Care places an emphasis on a mother and baby being cared for together, by the same physicians, nurses and medical staff.

Along with a lactation consultant, SAMC employs 20 certified lactation counselors who are available during various shifts in the Family Birth Center to assist mothers and babies with their breastfeeding needs. Lactation Center services include outpatient consults after discharge, weight checks, breastfeeding support groups, breast pump rental and prenatal breastfeeding classes.
Our inviting labor/delivery suites provide a calming, home-like atmosphere. In a traditional maternity unit, a woman is moved following delivery. In some cases, she is in one room for labor, another for delivery, and another for recovery. After the birth she is moved yet again to a postpartum room. Her baby, meanwhile, is taken to a nursery and then brought to the mother at various times throughout the day. Often the mother shares her postpartum room with another woman.

Our luxurious private birthing suites feature amenities such as a tub and shower, refrigerator, TV, and DVD player. A well-baby nursery and a special-care nursery are located in the Center. The Women’s Center Boutique is not only a place to buy “the perfect gift,” it also serves as a resource for newborns and moms, offering breast-feeding supplies and more.

The Family Birth Center cares about the safety of you and your baby. As such, we enforce several security measures:

  • A State-of-the-art infant security and alarm system.
  • A special identification system for you and your baby, from admission to discharge.
  • Locked Level II Special Care and Newborn Nursery.
  • Photo identification badges worn by all SAMC staff.

SAMC employees are trained in infant security. We protect you and your baby’s name, address and other identifying information. Security staff are employed 24/7.

The Family Birth Center is on the fourth floor of The Women’s Center, which is most convenient to the west parking deck. If possible, park on the third level and use the walkover bridge into the Women’s Center.

Family Birth Center
1108 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, AL 36301

For more information or to schedule a tour of the Family Birth Center, call 334-793-8956 or 1-877-877-8724.