/SAMC offers an alternative to a life of pain

SAMC offers an alternative to a life of pain

Life shouldn’t be a painful experience, especially when it comes to acute or chronic pain. Approximately 100 million people in the United States experience chronic pain.

Southeast Pain Management Center (SPMC) is the largest and most experienced center in the region. SPMC, which is part of the Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) family of physician groups, offers board certified and fellowship trained pain management and anesthesiology physicians.

The SPMC physicians have been helping prevent, diagnose and treat pain for 25 years. As we celebrate Pain Awareness Month in September, the five physicians at SPMC want to help reduce or eliminate your pain, restore function and improve your quality of life.

SPMC, located on the SAMC campus, offers new and advanced technologies, including fluoroscopy, to give our physicians optimal results. This procedure provides a real-time, moving X-ray that aids in precisely targeting the treatment area.

The pain center offers epidural steroid injections and advanced interventional techniques which include, but are not limited to, radiofrequency ablation, spinal cord stimulators and spinal pumps.

For more information about SPMC, call our professional and compassionate staff at 1-800-248-7051 or visit www.samc.org/pain.