/SAMC announces parking deck renovation

SAMC announces parking deck renovation

In conjunction with the current maintenance of the East Parking Deck, which includes portions of the deck in front of the main hospital being closed, the Doctors Building entrance on the upper level will also be closed beginning Wednesday, February 7, for renovation of the canopy.

The Doctors Building entrance on the lower level of the East Parking Deck will remain open. The Doctors Building can be accessed on the upper level through the middle entrance, which is marked entrance No. 2.

To minimize the inconvenience as much as possible, overflow parking for patients and guests is available across Fairview Avenue between Living Well Fitness (the old bank building) and the SAMC Foundation. Fairview Avenue runs from the Ross Clark Circle at Winn Dixie to Haven Drive on the south side of SAMC. There is also shuttle service from the overflow parking lot to the Doctors Building and hospital.

The parking deck and canopy projects include the upper and lower portions of the deck and it will be completed in six phases. Phase 2 began this week and each phase will take approximately three to four weeks to complete, depending on the weather.

We recommend anyone coming for an appointment to arrive early in case of delay in finding a parking place. If you are visiting SAMC for outpatient services, coming to the Emergency Department or the Women’s Center, the West Parking Deck provides convenient parking. The West Parking Deck can be entered from Fairview Avenue or U.S. 84 East.

We thank you for your understanding during this time of renovation. Completion of this maintenance project will help ensure SAMC’s East Parking Deck remains in service and available for visitors for many years to come.