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Non-Operative Spine Care

If surgery is not necessary or right for you, SAMC offers integrated spine care. The goal of integrated spine care is to bring together neurosurgeons, an osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) physician, physical therapists and other specialists to diagnose, plan and implement an outpatient rehabilitation treatment program for your condition.

These services may include rehabilitation for neurological and orthopedic problems, functional capacity evaluations and pain management treatments.

The benefits of integrated spine care at NeuroSpine include:

  • Focus on the patient: Coordination of care among our clinic specialists ensures high-quality care, more comprehensive care.
  • Higher quality of care: Enhanced communication between our clinic specialists ensures they keep up with advances in diagnosis and treatment techniques and the latest technologies.
  • Appropriate referrals: Integrated spine clinics may refer patients to the alternative forms of care. If a patient has not responded to one form of care, he or she may be referred to another specialist or surgeon in the clinic.
  • Greater convenience for the patient: Integrated care is more convenient, as patients stay within the system for most or all spine healthcare needs.

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