Living Well Fitness equipment

What We Offer
Free orientation: Any member can receive a free orientation where a personal 4658SquatRack310x153 trainer takes a client to each cardio and weight machine teaching you how to use the machine and what exercises you can do on each machine.

Body Composition Readings: Can be take every 2 weeks-month to help you better your fitness goals and keep track of progress.
• Body Fat Analysis: Learn your percent body fat along with lean fat mass. By: Skinfold Caliper - The skin fold thickness is measured at various body locations. A calculation is then used to derive a body fat percentage based on the sum of the measurements.
• Body Fat Analysis: Calculated by a weak electrical current that passes through the body to determine the amount of fat tissue.
• Body Mass Index (BMI): Ratio of your height to weight that places you in a healthy-unhealthy category.
• Measurements: Waist, hip, arm, and leg measurements can be taken to help you see you weight loss in inches instead of just on the scale.
• Weight: Weight can be taken and tracked at any time.

Towel Service: Towels are provided at the facility for your convenience.

Challenges: Annual challenges are implemented to help motivate our members and keep them from getting bored with their work outs.

*Free Fitness Assessment: Upon sign up, LWF offers a free fitness assessment with a personal trainer to help you set your fitness goals.
*Free Personal Training Session: After your fitness assessment you can work with a personal trainer who will give you exercises and set you up on a plan to meet your fitness goals.

Available Exercise Equipment:4670WeightBarWithPlate310x153

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells 5-120 Lbs
  • Paramount Weight Machine Equipment
  • Smith Machine
  • Squat Rack
  • Stair Stepper
  • Matrix and Sports Art Treadmills
  • Matrix, SportsArt, True, and Precor Elliptical
  • Concept 2 Row Machine
  • SportsArt Pinnacle
  • Punching Bags
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Suspension Trainer