These are the hallmarks of your treatment team at Living Well. Their combination of medical expertise and aesthetics craftsmanship are focused on giving you the best outcomes possible.

Your Living Well Medical Team

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/DubruielTrenace.jpg" title="Trenace Dubreuil M.D. – Medical Director" url="#" label=""] Dr. Dubreuil is passionate about helping people look and feel their best, while helping them learn to lead healthier lives. As Medical Director of Living Well, Dr. Dubreuil oversees all aspects of our programs and services, and provides medical supervision for the Living Well Weight Loss Program. She has been practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology for over 11 years. In addition to her work with Living Well, she continues to see gynecology patients for the treatment of menopause, sexual dysfunction and annual wellness exams.

Graduate of Emory University School of Medicine
Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Board Certified in Bariatric Medicine
Fellow of The American College Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6353Patty2.jpg" title="Patricia Byars – Skin Care Specialist" url="#" label=""]Patty, our Skin Care Specialist, is well versed when it comes to skin care. She has certifications as a laser technician, an Obagi® Skin Care Specialist and Derma-Technician from the American Institute of Permanent Color Technology (for permanent makeup). She was also previously employed with Dr. Ferguson and joined Living Well Medical in 2009. Patty has over six years experience in skin care.

Certified Obagi® Skin Specialist
Certified Laser Technician
Certified Derma-Technician from the American Institute of Permanent Color Technology

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6340Melissa.jpg" title="Melissa Martin - Weight Loss Consultant" url="#" label=""]Melissa has been in the medical field for 13 years, in this very same location. She worked with both Dr. Riley and Dr. Ferguson and is now proud to be with Living Well Medical. With all of her experience, Melissa is a great asset to the clinic. She meets with patients for Thermage Consultation, Bariatric Orientations and performs other office duties.

Weight Loss Consultant
Thermage® Consultant

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6342Laura.jpg" title="Laura Morris, LPN - Nurse" url="#" label=""]Laura obtained her LPN license in 2003 from Wallace Community College. She has worked in several areas of nursing including maternity, family medicine and eye surgery before aesthetics. Besides being an LPN, Laura is also a certified laser technician. She performs laser hair and vein removal as well as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy.

Certified Laser Technician

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6420beverly.jpg" title="Beverly Pipkins – Medical Assistant" url="#" label=""]Beverly is one of the friendly voices you might hear when calling the clinic. She schedules patients for appointments and test. She also sees patients for Microdermabrasion treatments (one of her favorite job duties).[/feature2]

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6377Marilu.jpg" title="Marilu Smith – Registered Dietitian" url="#" label=""]Marilu is our Registered Dietitian. She graduated from Auburn University and worked at SAMC for several years before becoming a fulltime mother. When she decided to rejoin the workforce, SAMC was her first choice. She enjoys working with individuals who are motivated to be healthier. Marilu says that losing weight is the easy part, maintaining a healthier weight is more difficult and requires healthy choices daily with food and activity and that's exactly what she is here to help do. She loves being able to see people reach and maintain their goals.

Registered Dietitian

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/6352Debbie.jpg" title="Debbie Tice – Medical Assistant" url="#" label=""]Debbie started at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in 1994 as a student to later become a Certified Surgical Technician. She has continued in the medical field since that time, working as a Medical Assistant/Surgical Assistant for Dr. Riley and later Dr. Ferguson. She most recently worked in Surgery at SAMC, but when Living Well Medical opened it's doors, Debbie decided to move back to the clinical area as Dr. Dubreuil's Medical Assistant. Debbie missed working one-on-one with the patients daily and now has the chance to do so. She also continues to work in Surgery afterhours.[/feature2]