Under the guidance of Dr. Trenace Dubreuil, the Living Well Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center offers a comprehensive physician-driven weight loss program that includes a physical exam, medication or nutritional supplements, calorie-control nutrition plans, and regular weigh-ins.

The center also offers many cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, acne treatments, chemical and silk peels and Botox® injections.
Living Well Medical Services
[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/SupervisedWeightLossSmall.jpg" title="Medically Supervised Weight Loss" url="#" label=""]Living Well is here to give you the tools, knowledge and support you need to break out of the obesity cycle of crash dieting and regaining weight. In our medically supervised program we work with you to create a healthy lifestyle that gives you great results and improved health far into the future.

Decrease the calories you take in by changing the way you eat
Increase the calories you burn by increasing your activity
Change the behaviors that cause you to make unhealthy choices

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/LaserAestheticsSmall.jpg" title="Laser Aesthetics" url="#" label=""]Today's specialized skin lasers can, in a series of short, nearly painless sessions, reduce or eliminate a number of unsightly and bothersome conditions. The result: you look rejuvenated and feel better about the image you present to the world.

Hair Removal
Vein Treatments
Treatment of Dark Spots
Affirm Laser Therapy
Intense Pulse Light Therapy

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/SkinCareSmall.jpg" title="Skin Care" url="#" label=""]Our team is ready to help you explore the skin care treatment that is just right for the look you're seeking. Call us to book your consultation today.

Silk Peels
Chemical Peels
Rosacea And Acne Treatment

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/CosmeticsSmall.jpg" title="Cosmetics" url="#" label=""]

Our skilled team can help you enhance your existing looks and give you a fresh appearance with safe, proven services.

Permanent Makeup
Latisse® Eyelash Enhancement

[feature2 img="/images/stories/LivingWellMedical/EnhancementsSmall.jpg" title="Appearance Enhancements" url="#" label=""]Would you like to have smoother skin without wrinkles? What about thicker, longer lashes? These are only a few of the enhancements offered by the Living Well Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetics Center. We also offer laser services for hair removal, rosacea and acne treatment. A full line of Obagi® products complement the many aesthetic services provided in the Center. Call today to inquire or make an appointment, 334-702-6900.

Botox® Injections
Thermage® Skin Tightening And Contouring