Our Compassion and Respect for Every Senior (CARES) program at Southeast Alabama Medical CenterCARESProgram is a high-quality inpatient psychiatric program for adults ages 65 and older who are faced with an emotional or behavioral problem, distress or anxiety.

CARES provides professional help to older adults dealing with life-changing events such as the loss of a spouse, physical limitations and changes in mental status who may be experiencing emotional, cognitive or behavioral symptoms which have disrupted everyday life. Our multi-disciplined approach includes assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

We treat those who:

  • Have impaired thinking
  • Have severe anxiety, agitation or obsessions
  • Have depression
  • Have severely impaired social functioning
  • Have legal or family dysfunction
  • Are suicidal or may be potentially dangerous to others

 CARES is the region's largest hospital-based behavioral health program uniquely offered to senior adults.

Do you need help in a crisis? Call our 24/7 crisis hotline, staffed with certified counselors, psychologists, nurses and behavioral health professionals: 1-855-8INTAKE (1-855-846-8253).