Rhonda Tomlinson nominated for SAMMY award

Rhonda Tomlinson is a special nurse who  is among the best in the Wiregrass. She has worked 6482TomlinsonRhonda310x153 both at the Enterprise Nursing Home and at Enterprise Medical Clinic. While many nurses have come and gone throughout the years in both facilities, Rhonda has spread her love to each and every one of her patients, even when caring for them is challenging.

Rhonda tries to please everyone and has shed tears when she could not satisfy the most unpleasing of patients. Yet she receives little recognition. On a daily basis  she is the first nurse on the job and often the last one to leave work each day. She does not look for any recognition or praise for quietly going about her duties. Many nurses say Rhonda spoils her patients by accepting calls from them and calling them back every time they have a question. If a patient leaves a message on Rhonda’s phone, they will be called back. Sometimes she has to be pulled off the phone so she can leave work for the day.

What Rhonda does is not dramatic; it is  the everyday care she provides her patients which is exemplary. She truly cares for each and every patient. As a phone nurse she  gets approximately 100 calls each day.  It would be easy to get frustrated or bored but Rhonda has elevated her position to a ministry. Older patients don’t understand all the technology involved in today’s medicine. Rhonda patiently explains everything. She calls each patient after sending a prescription to be sure they know when to  pick up their medications and where.

Patients send her flowers and bring her chocolates and notes thanking her for her tender care. She is a model employee and has a work ethic to be admired.

Andy Gifford nominated for SAMMY award

Andy Gifford has been employed in the Industrial Maintenance shop for 29 years. He repairs 6489GiffordAndy310x153 laundry, kitchen equipment and plumbing. He is cooperative, always lending a helping hand to co-workers and is a generous     person, willing to give you the shirt off his back. But an addiction in his life led him to be a taker rather than a giver. His habit led him to spend less quality time with his  family, becoming a stranger to those who loved him the most. He spent time and money fueling his habit – money that should have been spent on his family. He was no longer able to give 100 percent at work; he disappointed those who tried to help him.

With the help of family and co-workers, Andy made a change in his life. He wanted to be around to see his grandchildren grow up. SAMC’s Employee Assistance Program pointed him in the direction of healing through counseling, intervention and support programs. He conquered his addiction and appreciates all that was done for him; he is most grateful to God for the change.
Andy has become a more valued asset at work and is someone co-workers can depend on. Andy is a giver again. Many of those he helps are strangers. He volunteers weekly in Behavioral Health, taking time to share his personal journey to patients. He gives encouragement, assurance that they are not alone and an invitation to become a part of ongoing support group meetings after they leave the hospital. He also shares his message with patients at the Haven. He  takes part in many meetings, sharing, encouraging and being encouraged by what God has done for him. He often goes out at night or in the early morning to help others, and is always available by phone to help someone on the verge of relapse. He repairs leaky roofs and faucets, shops for groceries and transports people in need. He is on the board of trustees for the Wiregrass Club, serving as chair person for building and grounds and organizing fundraisers for the organization. Andy truly cares about others.

Dr. Muench speaks at diabetes event

Cardiologist Andreas Muench, MD, discusses radial heart catheterization 6071DrMuenchDiabetesHeartDiseaseInside during his address at SAMC’s Living Life With Diabetes series at ACOM April 16. People with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease. Dr. Muench discussed ways for diabetics to reduce that risk and also ways of treating heart disease in people with diabetes. Living Life With Diabetes is a comprehensive, interactive 12-month series to educate patients and caregivers on all levels of prevention, management and care of adult diabetes. Fore more information, call 334-793-8854.