TAVs make meaningful contribution to SAMC

It's summertime and that means SAMC's TeenAge Volunteers (TAVs) are helping in Outpatient, ER Registration, Women's Center, Wound Care and 3594AlexReynoldsTAVLollipops310x153other departments. They assemble admission packets, do mail-outs, alphabetize and file papers along with various other office related duties.

TAVs also help transport patients and deliver supplies and flowers. This year we have several TAVs who are interested in the medical field and have been observing and helping on nursing floors, Rehabilitation Services and in Radiology.

"We always look forward to the TAVs coming every summer," said Cari Zhang, RN, director, 7-East/Cardiovascular. "We keep them busy designing bulletin boards, putting our patient education materials together, stocking our rooms with Star Cards, answering the call light. I've been very impressed with the TAVs this year."

Zhang went on to say that last week Hannah Worley, a 9th grader and daughter of Regina Worley of MedNet, completed a bulletin board and then took the time to speak to nurses about becoming a nurse. Worley took every opportunity to learn about nursing while being a benefit to SAMC as a volunteer.

Volunteer director Jamie Weeks says the TAVs like to stay busy so they are willing to do "pretty much anything to help out."

Alex Gauldin, son of Chris Gauldin, PA of Southeastern (11262) Cardiovascular Associates, says being a TAV has been a great experience. "I get to go all over the hospital delivering supplies," Gauldin says. "I especially enjoy delivering equipment into the patient rooms because I get to visit with them briefly and I believe it helps them feel a little better."

The TAVs have begun fundraising efforts for 2016 senior scholarships. Money raised through bake sales, lollipop sales, hot dog sales and book fairs go to the scholarship fund and Senior TAVs can apply for scholarships if they meet certain criteria. In the photo above, Alex Reynolds, TAV President; son of Emmie Reynolds in OT, counts and bags lollipops. Lollipops sell for a dollar and come in a variety of flavors.

Pich selected as WCC alumnus of the year

SAMC emergency physician Frederick A. Pich, III, DO, (right) was PichWallaceCollege310x153 named 2015 Wallace Community College-Dothan alumnus of the year. This award was established to recognize individuals who have gained distinction through their professional and/or personal accomplishments and who have used their experience to make a difference in the lives of others. With Pich are Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D., chancellor of Troy University and Dr. Linda C. Young, Ed.D., president of Wallace Community College.

Medical technology students set to graduate, return to SAMC as employees

In mid-July, medical technology students Aleeca Shaw and Sam Wilemon 3605LabStudentsWithAprilHatcher310x153 from Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM), completed their clinical training at SAMC. While at SAMC, the students received hands on instruction in laboratory techniques. Both will graduate from AUM in August and return to SAMC as employed clinical laboratory scientists.

Shea Campbell, director of Laboratory Medicine says, "These jobs are hard to fill and require a four year degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. We're excited to have (21782) two exceptional candidates from our affiliation with AUM." SAMC's lab has been affiliated with the AUM program for 20 years.

In the photo, April Hatcher, SAMC laboratory medical technologist and student liaison, demonstrates how to program a PSA dilution to graduating students Aleeca Shaw and Sam Wilemon.