NeuroSpine hosts Kids' Bike Safety Day

The physicians at NeuroSpine organized a Kids' Bike Safety Day on August 1 in observation of Neurosurgery Outreach Month in August. 2029BikeSafety310x153 The event was at the SAMC West Parking Deck. Kids who participate received a complimentary bike helmet and fitting. A variety of activities were available for all participants including a drawing for three free kids' bikes.

Blissett family donates sculptures to foundation

Mona Blissett and her family donated several mahogany sculptures BlissetFamily310x153 to the SAMC Foundation for placement at ACOM and SAMC, in memory of Mona's husband, Ronald Blissett. An artist in the Dominican Republic carved the pieces from fallen mahogany trees. The Blissett family recently toured ACOM and SAMC to view the pieces and a plaque in recognition of their donation. Left to right: Marie Walding, Monica Walding Blissett, James Blissett, Matthew Blissett, Mona Merle Blissett, Michael Blissett and Angie Blissett.

ACOM students begin clinical clerkships at SAMC

A group of 20 students from ACOM began their third year clinical 4227ACOMThirdYearStudentsOrient310x153 clerkships at SAMC in July. Over the next two years these students will receive hands-on training by SAMC physicians in emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and more. There are approximately 130 third year ACOM students receiving similar training at core sites throughout the region.

Front row, from left: Jackie Mir, Anne Washofsky, Ankita Mahajan, Mike Wong, Jack Vibbert, Roger Thompson, Bennett Cho, Guy Hamilton and Bradford Riley.

Back row: Sean Godfrey, Zach Blackmon, Joseph Maguire, Troy Tyler, Mohamed Elramah, John Roberts, Gates Barry, Chris Perry, Ben Drake, Christian Park and Chris Hicks.