Teenage Volunteers receive scholarships

Pictured with Volunteer director Jamie Weeks (far left) and TAV Advisory 2015TAVScholarshipWinners310x153 Council member Bruce McNeal (far right), the 2015 Teenage Volunteer scholarship recipients are: Jeb Myers, receiving $3,450; Sherell Brown, receiving $2,375; Juhi Shah, receiving $4,100; and Elizabeth Stewart, receiving $3,050. Most of the money raised for TAV scholarships comes from fundraisers the TAVs do within the hospital. “We really appreciate SAMC employees supporting the TAV fundraisers because it is a tremendous help in rasing funds to increase the amount of scholarship money available to our teenagers,” Weeks said. This year the TAVs had 3 bake sales, a lollipop sale and a hot dog sale.

Sexton speaks at Sweet Tea Society gathering

Pulmonologist Marvin Sexton, MD (right), spoke to an interested audience 2345SextonSweetTea310x153 of more than 100 at last week’s Sweet Tea Society event.

Dr. Sexton addressed two traps that keep women from being healthy: stress and lack of sleep. He identified causes of stress and then outlined ways to either reduce or deal with the stress that women face on a daily basis. He also discussed the value of a good night’s sleep and how it can relieve stress.

Dr. Sexton spoke further about the stages of sleep and common sleep problems. He suggested ways to improve the quality of sleep, including having a sleep study done at SAMC’s Sleep Disorders Center.

Sweet Tea Society events will resume in the fall.

Aman receives oncology certification

Jessica Aman, RN, Outpatient Chemotherapy, recently passed the oncology 2384AmanJessica310x153 certification exam, joining three other oncology certified nurses on staff.

Aman was tested in 9 areas pertaining to oncology: health promotion, screening & detection, basics of carcinogenicity and immunology, treatment modalities,
symptom management, phsychosocial dimensions of care, oncologic emergencies, survivorship, palliative & end of life care, and professional performance.

Oncology certification ensures that the professional nurse has both specialized knowledge and experience in the oncology setting, thereby ensuring excellence in quality and safe care to the oncology population.

Aman joins RN’s Diane Buntyn, Melissa Owens, Donna Yost, Cindy Tanton and Cindy Partin as oncology certified nurses.