Martha Agnew nominated for SAMMY award

Martha Agnew has been a pharmacist at SAMC for more than 18 years, and has made 6493BrannonMartha310x153 a life through giving.

She chose SAMC for her pharmacy student rotation in 1988,  enjoying her experience so much that when an opportunity presented itself seven years later, she joined SAMC where she continues to be a crucial part of the Employee Pharmacy. Martha enjoys and meets the challenges that being a   pharmacist brings; she always has a friendly smile and kind word for all who pass through the pharmacy and is never too busy to stop and answer a customer’s question. The job is often challenging because not only are her customers fellow employees, but many have extensive medical knowledge.

Martha is always willing and ready to help with the training of pharmacy employees. She is a true example of the mission and vision of SAMC even though she has a chronic health problem that would keep most of us at home, yet she is rarely tardy  or sick.

Once a fellow employee outside the pharmacy called to get her prescriptions filled early, explaining that she had a house fire the day before and all her medications and belongings had been destroyed. When the employee arrived to pick up her medicine, she was surprised that all of the expense  had been covered by a donation. Martha had given her own employee card to make the transaction and pay when the prescriptions were totaled. There have been several times she has picked up the expense of medicine when she was aware of a need.

She is generous. Once she saw a man standing on the corner with a sign. Most people ignored the man, but she purchased a gift card which she gave to the man on her way home.

Linda Jones nominated for SAMMY award

Linda has been with SAMC since 1990 and is involved in the Pawsitive Therapy 6506JonesLinda310x153 program. Several years ago, she began  training her miniature Schnauzer, Raina. She took her through numerous obedience classes to prepare her for this program.  Linda practiced each day with her dog. She also had to make sure that her dog was used to being around all types of people and other dogs. Last year Raina passed her certified therapy dog test and joined our Pawsitive Therapy Program.

Linda brings her dog monthly to visit with patients, giving up time on her day off to groom and prepare her dog. She has made visits on several floors and in the Behavioral Health Unit. Linda’s skills as a caregiver make her an excellent therapy dog handler. She is caring and observant of the patient and his/her needs.

There are not many employees who take  the time to do what she has and use their days off to come back to visit patients.

Rhonda Tomlinson nominated for SAMMY award

Rhonda Tomlinson is a special nurse who  is among the best in the Wiregrass. She has worked 6482TomlinsonRhonda310x153 both at the Enterprise Nursing Home and at Enterprise Medical Clinic. While many nurses have come and gone throughout the years in both facilities, Rhonda has spread her love to each and every one of her patients, even when caring for them is challenging.

Rhonda tries to please everyone and has shed tears when she could not satisfy the most unpleasing of patients. Yet she receives little recognition. On a daily basis  she is the first nurse on the job and often the last one to leave work each day. She does not look for any recognition or praise for quietly going about her duties. Many nurses say Rhonda spoils her patients by accepting calls from them and calling them back every time they have a question. If a patient leaves a message on Rhonda’s phone, they will be called back. Sometimes she has to be pulled off the phone so she can leave work for the day.

What Rhonda does is not dramatic; it is  the everyday care she provides her patients which is exemplary. She truly cares for each and every patient. As a phone nurse she  gets approximately 100 calls each day.  It would be easy to get frustrated or bored but Rhonda has elevated her position to a ministry. Older patients don’t understand all the technology involved in today’s medicine. Rhonda patiently explains everything. She calls each patient after sending a prescription to be sure they know when to  pick up their medications and where.

Patients send her flowers and bring her chocolates and notes thanking her for her tender care. She is a model employee and has a work ethic to be admired.