Standardizing evidence-based care is our QUEST

Jennifer Benford, RN, 4-East, visits with patient Rosemary Givens, unit secretary, 9485QUEST310x153 Heart & Vascular, during her stay at SAMC. A major aspect of the QUEST journey is to stay in constant contact with the patient to ensure she is getting the care she needs.

As team leader for the Evidence-Based Care QUEST domain, Bobbye Corbin, RN, MSN, said the team is on a journey to be at the top percentile on eight in-patient and out-patient measures.

“We have to be at the top percentile in order to say that we provide the best care,” Corbin said.

SAMC has extremely strong scores in three of the areas: Acute MI, Congestive Heart Failure and Pneumonia. “We have been at 100 percent on those for several months,” she said. “We hope to keep that going and pick up our scores in the other areas.”

Other in-patient measures include Surgical Care Infection Prevention, Stroke and   Immunization. Surgical site infection is a big concern because if patients are not up walking, they are at high risk for a venous thromboembolism (VTE) or blood clot which is the main cause of death in a hospital setting. Out-patient measures include Acute MI and Surgery.

Standardization of practices can help improve scores across the board, Corbin said. Initiatives like assigning each floor’s quality nurse to monitor measures before they become outliers, are proving successful.

“A lot of our opportunities come down to education. Everyone needs to know what to do, like an aspirin on arrival for an Acute MI,” Corbin said. “This QUEST initiative brings best practices from all the 350-plus hospitals involved. The pursuit to get everybody in line with these measures is rewarding as we see the result of providing the patient the very best care.”

Smoking hut demolition

Lee Cornog (top) and Phil Cox (on ladder) of Quest Commercial Construction, recently removed 8934SmokingHutDemo310x153 the smoking hut next to the east patient tower. Benches located between the ED and Outpatient were also removed, as SAMC and all its properties became smoke free on January 1.

Food Bank Donation

SAMC CEO Ron Owen, left, presents a check for $2,124 to David Hanks of the Wiregrass Area 6822FoodBankDonation310x153 United Way Food Bank. The SAMC Management Team conducted a live and silent auction recently to raise money for the Food Bank. Team members brought items for the auction. Auctioneers were Jon Mueller, director of Internal Auditing; Ronnie Dean, vice president of Operations; Derek Miller, chief financial officer; Charles Harkness, DO, vice president of Medical Affairs; and Charlie Brannen, chief operations officer. The donation provided 30,000 pounds of food.