Local Physicians join SAMC


Local Physicians join SAMC

Two local physicians are joining SAMC this summer — H.L. Lassiter Jr., MD, FAAFP, and Jonathan E. McNeal, DO.

Men’s Health Fair draws men from 16 to 99

A record number of men attended SAMC’s signature event, the 22nd annual Men’s Health Fair, August 10 at Northview High School.

This year 800 men participated, up from 750 in 2012 and 600 in 2011. Lab work was drawn  for 353 participants, which was down 9 percent from last year, but up 5 percent from two years ago.

Results found an increase in men with elevated PSAs.

Less than half of all men tested (169 or 48 percent) were in the normal to low range on all their lab work. The oldest participant with blood drawn was 99 years old; the youngest was 16. The average age of participants with lab work drawn was 56.5 years old.

All participants with elevated PSAs and Testosterone levels that had no urologist were referred to Urological Associates of Dothan.

All participants with elevated cholesterols, glucose, and TSH, and who have no family physicians, were referred to Gregory Gibson, DO, of Southern Clinic.

Seven of our physician partners participated in the health fair, including: Robert Schuyler, MD, Jason Phillips, MD, and Joseph Clements, MD, of Urological Associates of Dothan; Steve Stokes, MD, of Southeast Cancer Center;  Timothy Knudsen, MD, of ENTCare; H.L. Lassiter, MD, of Southeast Family Healthcare in Midland City; and Gregory Gibson, DO, Southern Clinic, who signed orders for the event and took call on critical issues.

Four medical students from ACOM also assisted, as did an additional 150 volunteers including SAMC team members and adult volunteers, and representatives from the Houston County Health Department, Knights of Columbus, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Dothan firefighters and Mickey Andrews, former defensive coordinator at Florida State University who served as the spokesman for this year’s event. Media coverage included a live remote with WOOF Radio; WTVY; WDHN; and the Dothan Eagle.

SAMC offering Bronchial Thermoplasty treatment

The SAMC Pulmonary Medicine department and pulmonlogist Dr. Marvin Sexton have successfully treated SAMC’s first asthma patient with Bronchial Thermoplasty (BT). SAMC is one of only two hospitals in the state offering BT treatments. The other is UAB.

BT is the only FDA approved nondrug treatment for severe asthmatic patients ages 18 and over. It is a long-term solution for patients whose asthma is not well controlled with inhalers and medications.

Three outpatient sessions are necessary, three weeks apart, to treat the right lower, left lower and upper lobes. During the procedure, with the patient under mild sedation, a catheter is used to apply radio frequency energy to the airways to reduce muscle tissue which cuts down on airway constriction.

SAMC Pulmonary Medicine Director Sue Tillis said three patients are receiving BT treatments, with one having completed treatment. “All he talks about is how much farther he can walk at the mall,” she said. “It has improved his quality of life.”