Holiday security tips

Houston County Chief Deputy Jeff Carlisle gave a talk on home security to the 2nd Cup of Coffee 3217SecondCupOfCoffeeHomeSecurity310x153 Senior Discovery group in SAMC's Terrace Cafeteria. Carlisle gave participants a home security checklist which included such items as:

  • Lock all exterior doors at night and every time you leave the house.
  • Have doors with wide-angle peep holes at heights all family members can use.
  • Have dead-bolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Keep a spare key with a trusted neighbor instead of under a doormat or plant.
  • Keep all windows locked.
  • Install a dowel or pin to secure sliding glass doors to prevent them from being shoved aside or lifted off the track.
  • Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed outside.
  • Keep outdoor lights on in the evening.
  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries when away from home.
  • Lock all outdoor sheds and gates.
  • Secure bicycles with padlocks.
  • Store firearms unloaded and locked in storage boxes with trigger guard locks.
  • Inscribe electronic valuables with an identifying number approved by local police.
  • Have an up-to-date home inventory with photos.

KidFit team visits Wicksburg Elementary

The SAMC Foundation/Kohl's KidFit team is visiting Wicksburg Elementary school this month. This is Wicksburg's KidFitWicksburg310x153 second year in the program. The Koh'ls Kids Fit for Life program has promoted a healthier lifestyle to more than 80,000 Dothan area children and their families this school year. The program is part of a six session curriculum taught during the school's physical education time, led by the Living Well Fitness staff.

Therapy dogs visit ACOM students

Seven dogs from the Volunteer Services department's Pawsitive Therapy program visited students at ACOM on the first day of exams this week. The aim of the event, coordinated by medical student Hannah Zeltzer, president of ACOM's Health and Wellness student organization, was to expose the students to therapy dogs and the dog/human connection.

"This is so comforting; it's a little taste of home during a stress filled week. I'm so ACOM student Julia Todd glad to have the dogs here," said medical student Julia Todd.

SAMC Volunteer Services Director Jamie Weeks said, "I thought it was a great way for our future physicians to experience first hand the impact of therapy dogs."

The dogs were available to the students for two hours. Weeks said many students enjoyed the opportunity, and some sat in the floor or even laid down in the floor with the dogs. The event will be repeated during the spring exam period.

ACOM student Hannah Zeltzer spends a few minutes with Bonnie, a 5-year-old ACOM student Hannah Zeltzer golden retriever in the Pawsitive Therapy program.