SAMC recognizes 3rd quarter SAMMY nominees

Betty Gunter, Radiology
Betty Gunter (Ms. Betty) has been working at SAMC for almost 25 years and 4989Betty310x153 you could probably count on one hand how many days she has missed work, even while undergoing cancer treatment.
Ms. Betty used to come to work at 6 a.m. and leave at noon to care for her bed-ridden elderly mother. Everyone thought Ms. Betty would probably retire after her mother died, but she was right back at work.
Ms. Betty practices Service Essentials day in and day out by providing a warm blanket to a patient and escorting a lost visitor. "I hope you get to feeling better real soon!" she tells patients before asking them if they need anything else.
As good as Ms. Betty is with patients, she is equally as good to her fellow employees. Known for her world-famous peanut brittle, Ms. Betty is always distributing bags full to her co-workers. She never misses an opportunity to send cards to team members who may be sick, suffered a loss or just need a word of encouragement. She is the first one to donate ETO time to those in need. If Ms. Betty knows of a need, she will work to meet it.
Recently a co-worker mentioned a neighborhood friend who had lost his job; his health was suffering, he had no insurance and his unemployment benefits were soon to run out. Ms. Betty purchased food for the man who was astonished and appreciative that someone would do this for him.
We could all learn something about Service Essentials from Ms. Betty.

Robert "Bucky" Buchanan, Radiation Oncology
As a boy growing up in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica most might have 5022Bucky310x153 felt like some things were impossible but not Robert "Bucky" Buchanan. During his formative years in school Bucky had problems with some subjects but was mentored by a caring teacher who saw his potential. This experience taught him to believe in himself and the value of hard work.
After high school, Bucky took an interest in physics and studied in London on a scholarship. After graduating, Bucky became the only physicist in Jamaica for five years.
Bucky and his wife Brendalyn decided to chase the American dream, moving to New York. To gain experience in the U.S., Bucky worked for free for a year. Afterwards he found a paying job in New York. In 2011, Bucky moved to Dothan.
Bucky enjoys conversation and is often found speaking with a patient or employee. He finds great joy in sharing his knowledge. Bucky is involved in his church, having recently opened his home to a youth mission group, hosting six youth for 10 days.
It is not out of the ordinary for Bucky to stay many hours after patients' treatments have been completed for the day, in order to make sure that the equipment is ready for the following day. Recently our CT scanner had some unexpected downtime. Bucky came in over the weekend to check everything so that patients could be treated first thing Monday morning.

Beth Gilley, RN, Quality Management
Elizabeth "Beth" Gilley is a special person who thinks what she does is no 5000Beth310x153 big deal, but her actions are seen by many as outstanding and commendable. Her deeds inspire others to step outside the box and lend a hand to those in need.
Beth, who recently moved to Quality Management from the Cardiovascular Services floor, has shown much love to our indigent patients who don't have family support. She goes out of her way to help these patients and their pets. She has used her own money to purchase items patients need. She also goes to their houses to pick up necessary items, takes care of their animals while they are hospitalized and cleans up their homes before they are discharged.
She also does charity work in the community. Beth helps promote blood drives, finds homes for stray animals and assists with special education activities at a local school. While doing this charitable work, she enlists the help of her family, friends and coworkers.
Beth also is an excellent preceptor and mentor. She is a highly sought after preceptor and is often used to train new nurses hired to 7-East to help develop their skills. Based on her reputation at SAMC, she is consistently requested as a preceptor of nursing students from local schools. Everyone loves to work with Beth.
Beth is the epitome of a SAMMY award winner. She has been a great nurse and a loyal employee for more than 11 years and during her time here she has grown to be the charitable person that she is today. People like Beth are rare.

Cindy Woodcox, Physical Therapy
Cindy Woodcox by job title is a registration representative and certified coder 5011Cindy310x153 but she is way more than that to the patients and staff at Rehab Services. Cindy is basically the first point of contact for most patients upon registration and she sets the bar really high for the rest of the team.
On one particular day Cindy was doing everything she could to help get a patient in for their pain FCE test prior to returning to pain management on the following day. This particular patient was having difficulty getting to physical therapy and in fact ran out of gas about four miles from our facility. Cindy went and got the patient and brought him to physical therapy to avoid being late for their appointment thereby avoiding a back log of patients for the rest of the morning. She helped the family get gas for the car so the patient and family could return home. That is just one example of how Cindy goes above and beyond to take care of our patients in Outpatient Rehab.
She also takes time to help breast cancer survivors with lymphedema learn how to put on their compression garments. Cindy took it upon herself to learn how to teach patients and help them get their replacement compression sleeves so patients would not have to wait for a therapist which takes pressure off the therapist and provides better customer service.
She is constantly focusing on helping our patients. This includes finding a way to get coverage for their therapy visits and genuinely putting them at ease during the registration process. She works diligently to ensure therapists have full schedules and patients have their appointments so the facility can remain as productive as possible. She is flexible and on some days when the schedule begins to fall apart from late afternoon cancellations she stays late to ensure therapists have full schedules for the following day to make the best use of their time.
She is an excellent representative of SAMC and a genuinely great person who demonstrates what a SAMMY award winner should be.

Dana Gaylord, Marketing
Dana Gaylord is a frequent flyer when it comes to going the extra mile. As a 4984Dana310x153 marketing specialist for Advanced Home Medical (AHM) and the Sleep Disorders Center, Dana selflessly puts others first. Whether it is hand delivering patient orders to a physician for a signature or providing customer service, Dana is always there with a pleasant attitude.
"Dana is a true blessing to our family and anyone she comes in contact with, always wearing a beautiful smile," Dana's sister, Debra Vann said about her. "If she was having a bad day, you would never know it."
Debra is more than just Dana's sister, she's a co-worker in the Sleep Disorders Center. Dana spends much of her time marketing directly to physicians and their staffs. Her compassionate nature allows her to take the time to get to know the physicians and their office staff on a personal level.
She is always looking for ways to be more productive and efficient in her job as she strives to increase patient volumes at AHME and the sleep center. When the Enterprise Sleep Center has patients during the day, Dana is there making sure they are provided breakfast and lunch.
When a reimbursement is pending because a patient order has not been signed, Dana will personally deliver the paperwork to a physician's office and then take it to be filed. Dana has become the unofficial keeper of birthdays for the Marketing and Public Relations departments. She gives Hallmark a run when it comes to providing birthday cards.
When she is in her office, Dana is more than willing to help answer phones and assist customers who come into the Public Relations office. Dana is not one to complain or say, "That's not my job," when it comes to pitching in. When it comes time for weekend and evening health fairs, Dana is always the first to volunteer. She never passes up a chance to market AHM or the sleep center.
After working tirelessly marketing the Sleep Disorder Center, the last thing Dana does is close her eyes when she goes home. "I don't know how she is able to do all that she does," Debra said. "She gives 100 percent to SAMC and another 100 percent to her family, friends and church."
About a year ago, Dana's mother was diagnosed with lung disease. She has to be on oxygen for the majority of the day. Besides making sure the oxygen is delivered, Dana cleans her mom's house and she takes her kids every two weeks to work in the yard. She also takes care of the grocery shopping for her mom.
Despite being a single mother, Dana never misses any of her children's activities. She is always in attendance at her son's football games. She also made time to be at her daughters' softball games and cheering events.
Dana helps people who are less fortunate. For example, within the past year, she saw a family in need that had no means of transportation. Out of the goodness of her heart, Dana volunteered to take the family wherever they needed to go, until they were able to get a vehicle. Dana is active in her church, Victory Family Church in Dothan. Pastor Jason Duren said Dana is a true blessing to everyone she meets. At church, Dana is in charge of Guest Relations. She is the first person to greet new people who attend church services. "She does a great job of getting to know people and identifying their needs," Jason said. "She is a relationship builder."
She is also a care minister and can often be seen bringing snack baskets to patients in CCU, as well as coloring books and stuffed animals to the pediatric floor. She takes gift bags to the local fire stations along with letters of encouragement and support. When she sees a child in her apartment complex who needs food or a place to stay, she takes them in and takes care of their needs. Dana's heart for helping people isn't limited to Dothan; this summer she took part in a mission trip to Africa to work with an orphanage.
If one wants to know what a true "SAMMY" looks like, one needs to look no further than Dana. But, you better look quick, because she rarely slows down long enough to be recognized.