Linda Jones nominated for SAMMY award

Linda has been with SAMC since 1990 and is involved in the Pawsitive Therapy 6506JonesLinda310x153 program. Several years ago, she began  training her miniature Schnauzer, Raina. She took her through numerous obedience classes to prepare her for this program.  Linda practiced each day with her dog. She also had to make sure that her dog was used to being around all types of people and other dogs. Last year Raina passed her certified therapy dog test and joined our Pawsitive Therapy Program.

Linda brings her dog monthly to visit with patients, giving up time on her day off to groom and prepare her dog. She has made visits on several floors and in the Behavioral Health Unit. Linda’s skills as a caregiver make her an excellent therapy dog handler. She is caring and observant of the patient and his/her needs.

There are not many employees who take  the time to do what she has and use their days off to come back to visit patients.