Dr. Quintos performs region's first Robotic Thoracoscopy

On March 4, Elias Quintos, MD, cardiothoracic surgeon, made SAMC surgical 2870QuintosdaVinci310x153 history when he performed the region’s first robotically assisted thoracoscopy. The operation was to remove a lung wedge and explore a patient’s chest cavity for other disease.

“The whole operation from start to finish was like a superb, well performed concert,” Dr. Quintos said. “Our team not only has an innate aptitude for this kind of surgery but also the contagious enthusiasm to make the program succeed.”

Surgery Director Chris Holland, RN, says the new procedure has great implications for patients at SAMC. “It will allow us a better way to surgically treat patients who are diagnosed with lung problems. Using the surgical robot means that a long incision is replaced by a few very small incisions. We also expect recovery times to decrease.”

Holland added that patients will no longer need to drive to Birmingham or Atlanta to receive this kind of treatment.