First quarter SAMMY nominees

Paula Silavent, RN
Critical Care

Paula has been an RN in Critical Care since her first day at SAMC 2293SAMMY310x153 nearly 14 years ago. She has taken a leadership role in CCU, working nights and often serving as the relief charge nurse on weekends. She fills in for coworkers when they are sick or just need time off. Paula often takes extra call. She is also a mentor to incoming nurses and serves as a preceptor for new employees.

Paula has worked extremely hard over the last few years training her Lab Lexi to become a therapy dog.  She has taken obedience classes and worked countless hours at home training her dog.  Becoming a therapy dog takes practice and daily training. Paula’s hard work paid off and Lexi passed her test to become a     certified therapy dog.   

Paula and Lexi have been visiting patients for almost a year. On her days off, Paula brings Lexi to SAMC for a visit. Lexi loves to visit with the children on the pediatric floor and she is right at home being loved and petted on a child’s bed. Patients and family members comment on how Lexi makes them feel better and they always thank Paula for sharing her dog with them.

Robert Washington, RRT
Radiation Oncology

Robert Washington has given 27 years of dedicated service to the radiation oncology department at SAMC. He is an excellent employee who works in any area of the  department with great ease.

His primary responsibility is the simulation of patients for treatment ensuring equipment and procedures are properly set. On any given day Robert can be found scanning documents into a patient’s chart, transporting a patient, assisting a patient into their car, filling in at one of our network locations in Enterprise or Marianna, coming in on the weekend to treat a patient, or answering the telephone at the front desk.
Robert also functions as the system administrator for the Cancer Center’s electronic medical records system and sets up and trains all new users. Robert also participates in nearly all team activities involving the cancer program, from Champions of Hope to birthday parties.

Most of all, though, Robert is a patient pleaser. “He runs out the door if he sees a patient having trouble getting in,” one coworker said. “I have seen him jump over the counter to prevent a patient from falling. He is very personable with our patients and they all know him and love him.”

Outside of work Robert has assisted many people, including a former employee and breast cancer survivor with projects around her home. On one occasion after a storm Robert cleared a fallen tree from the driveway of this elderly lady’s home so she could get out. There is no single large task or experience that makes Robert deserving of a nomination but the accumulation of things he does for his patients and coworkers make him a remarkable asset to SAMC and the Cancer Center.