Operational Effectiveness welcomes team members

Promoting and encouraging continuous improvement within SAMC is the aim of the 9882LEANBenAndMolly310x153 Department of Operational Effectiveness. The main focus of the department is to provide more value to those we serve. By encouraging staff to work together, SAMC can reduce waste, streamline processes, improve quality, increase morale, and support a healthy culture.

Department activities throughout the hospital include LEAN education and training, supporting LEAN efforts, and facilitating improvement events. In January, the department welcomed two new teammates.

Molly Thorvilson is originally from Seattle, Washington. She recently graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Health Service Administration with a minor in business and a minor in psychology.

Ben Tankersley is originally from the Dothan area. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Business Administration. More recently, he achieved an MBA from Troy University.

Thorvilson and Tankersley work with departments before, during and after improvement events to help support the teams and quantify the benefits.

Capturing the value of these improvements is vital to communicating the saved time, reduced steps, improved finances, and increased employee satisfaction to the rest of the organization.

Currently, SAMC has 125 LEAN Champions and is continuously developing more. These champions are challenged with improving the organization from all angles. The Operational Effectiveness team supports their efforts and celebrates progress.

SAMC have staff contributed 557 LEAN initiatives since project tracking began 2 years ago.