GAITRite System

New carpet measures movement

The Neuromuscular and Balance Center has a new 16-foot electronic walkway7810GAITRiteVictoriaErinLizzie that helps analyze a patient's gait or the movement of limbs when they walk.

The GAITRite System measures timing and distance of footprints to identify abnormal gait patterns that can suggest problems in walking. A normal gait pattern is essential for maintaining independence and preventing falls in older adults.

The Center, located inside Rehab Services, is the first physical therapy facility in the state to acquire this unique system used to compare gait before and after therapy.

"For many patients, it is an awareness," said Victoria Light-Whitehead of GAITRite Systems. "This technology helps us give them an ambulation score that helps us justify treatment and allows the patient to set a goal."

The electronic pathway contains more than 13,000 sensors that capture every7820GAITRiteDemoLizzie footfall in real time on any computer. The system uses software that allows for multiple reports and analyses. The data is valuable in assessing patients with Parkinson's disease, a brain tumor, spinal cord injury and more. When patients undergo therapy to improve balance and walking, it decreases their risk of falls.

For more information on the services offered by the Neuromuscular and Balance Center, call Erin Keefer in Rehab Services at 334-793-8961.