Board Certified Physicians

The physicians at Southeast Pain Management Center are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology7163BoardCertifiedPhysicians and are Board Certified in Pain Management.

What does it mean to be Board Certified?

Board Certification is the formal recognition of a physician's obtaining the highest qualifications in a chosen medical field. It is given only to physicians who have passed an examination before specialty boards comprised of their professional peers. Board Certified physicians have been highly trained and tested in their area of medicine.

A Board Certification examination is a stringent exam given to a physician to test skill, knowledge, ability and medical judgment. Board certification is not only scientific testing regarding medical knowledge: it includes medical judgment, performance and practice standards.

It is possible to obtain Board Certifications in both Anesthesiology and in one of the subspecialties of Anesthesiology. Subspecialties of Anesthesiology include Critical Care Medicine and Pain Medicine. In addition to the training and examination required for Board Certification in Anesthesiology, Board Certification sought in the Pain Medicine subspecialty requires an additional Fellowship in an ACGME Certified university program. Following this comprehensive training, an examination must be passed to be Board Certified in Pain Medicine.

A Board Certified physician that is additionally certified in Pain Medicine (also known as Pain Management) is an Anesthesiologist who provides a high level of care, either as a primary physician or consultant, for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain. Rather than simply administering pain medication, Board Certified Pain Management physicians diagnose the sources of pain and strive to provide pain relief through minimally invasive techniques.

In addition to patient demand, medical care institutions, facilities and insurers are more often requiring physicians to document quality of care, and Board Certification provides this standard.