The implantation of radioactive seeds for the treatment of prostate cancer available as a treatment option in properly selected patients. We have done several hundred cases of brachytherapy over the past 15 years. This is at times given as the only treatment, and at other times it is given in combination with external beam irradiation therapy, depending on the clinical situation at hand. As in all other treatment options, the earlier the diagnosis, and the earlier the treatment, the better the prognosis.

We work closely with our group of outstanding radiation oncologists at SAMC, Dr. 's Stokes and Adkison, and we do this as a combined specialty procedure.

In general, we recommend this treatment for older or higher risk patients (with other significant health problems). However, we do discuss all modalities of treating prostate cancer with each patient and make out best recommendation to him in order that he can make an informed choice of treatment.