Orthopedic Surgery

Our diverse and experienced team of orthopedic surgeons skillfully treats the entire musculoskeletal system including9144OrthopedicSurgery the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and spine. Services provided include total joint replacement for the hip, knee and shoulder; arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the hand, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle; foot and ankle reconstruction; lumbar and cervical disc surgery; and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.

General Surgery

Skilled surgeons at SAMC provide a variety of general surgical procedures including surgery of the8768GeneralSurgery gall bladder, thyroid, abdomen and colon. Our physicians have specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis and surgery of the head and neck, abdomen, breast, endocrine system and alimentary tract. General surgeons also operate on cancer, trauma and critically ill patients with underlying surgical conditions.

Urological Surgery

Our caring team of board-certified urologists performs a variety of surgical procedures, including those with 4530UrologicalSurgerythe latest robotics technology of the da Vinci SI, minimally invasive procedures which allow for quicker healing and return to normal activities. Surgical procedures provide relief from male and female urinary incontinence; kidney stones and cancer of the prostate, kidney or bladder. Our urologists also surgically treat male infertility and perform vasectomies.