Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is needed when an arthritic or dysfunctional joint causes severe pain and inhibits patient mobility.9100JointReplacementCenter Joint replacement surgery is most common in knees and hips. SAMC takes a comprehensive approach to joint replacement with the goal of helping each patient regain independence by returning to work and other daily activities with little or no pain.

The patient's health, comfort and recovery are collectively our number one priority. Each patient is treated by a team of professionals who are specialists in total joint care. Every detail, from pre-operative teaching to post-operative exercising, is considered and reviewed with the patient. A Joint Care Case Manager will plan an individualized treatment program and help guide the patient through it.

Each patient's team includes the director of orthopedics, physicians and nurses, the Joint Center coordinator, orthopedic case managers, physical therapists and occupational therapists, all of whom specialize in total joint care. The patient's personal care team will work with the patient and their family/caregiver(s) in helping the patient achieve the best possible outcome from joint surgery.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center is also a participant in the new Medicare Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model.  Please see the notification letter for more details.

To see a special message from CMS regarding the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program and a list of  the physicians that are participating in the program, Click here.


At Southeast Alabama Medical Center, we specialize in treating knees – whether it’s an ACL injury, a meniscal tear, posterior cruciate ligament injury, runner’s knee or arthritis. Our physicians specialize in getting you back on your feet.


More than 35,000 people fracture a hip every year. And beyond that, other maladies like inflammatory arthritis of the hip and osteoarthritis of the hip are common. Our caring team develops a plan to address reducing pain and increasing the range of movement. We also help with coordinating a total hip replacement when necessary.


The shoulder is vulnerable to all kinds of strains, tears and stresses. We can help alleviate pain with the help of our physician partners at Southern Bone and Joint Specialists.  Whether it’s shoulder pain, a rotator cuff tear, or arthritis of the shoulder, we have the means, staff and skill set to deal with the problem quickly and effectively.