A mammogram is a special type of low-energy X-ray of the breast, commonly used to detect breast cancer.8195Mammography A mammogram allows physicians to have a closer look for changes in breast tissue that cannot be felt during a breast exam. Mammograms can show tumors before they are large enough to be felt.

Screenings are quickly performed by a technician who places each breast between the two plastic plates of an X-ray machine. The plates flatten the breast to obtain a clear picture on a computer screen. Radiologists read the images and compare them to past mammograms as a means to detect changes.

SAMC uses digital mammography, allowing for mammograms to be stored electronically. Technology allows for image manipulation for clarity. Changing the contrast can provide improved visibility. The radiation is less in digital mammograms as opposed to traditional film mammograms. Because they are stored electronically, they are easily revisited and transmitted for further analysis when needed.